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Arne has over 15 years of experience in strategic and operational business management in startups and SMBs. During his time as COO for a technology startup with a PaaS/SaaS product focus on enterprise clients, he learned a deep understanding of cloud technology (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and compliance requirements of large corporations. He is grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from highly recognized senior executives who served on the C-level of global public companies, from various talented teammates, and valued business partners. Based on this experience, Arne is establishing a new brand for a boutique information and cyber security consulting firm.

Arne is an expert in overseeing all business strategic and operational aspects, including finance, IT, legal, HR, compliance, change, and culture. He flipped a German GmbH into a Delaware C-Corp, further building the international corporate structure from there (including subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, and Denmark). He worked closely with the US CEO and the Board of Directors, serving as Secretary and Treasurer, as well as the CEO of the European firm.

Arne believes that harmonic and dedicated teams with a great trust relationship among the members outperform the group of best individuals. He believes in building trustful relationships and that we learn new vital things daily. His motto is “Stay curious and engaged!” He enjoys working with people from different nations and diverse cultural backgrounds.

He lives in Lübeck, part of the Hamburg metropolitan region in Germany.

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