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Allan is a former technology leader with a passion for unlocking operational value in organisations. With extensive international business development and operations expertise, he has held COO and executive sales roles at various high-growth scaleups. During his tenure at Amazon Web Services, he successfully led global partner improvement programs.

In 2020, Allan founded Saltwater, an advisory firm with a mission to helping businesses scale effectively. Leveraging his experience, he implements measurable business improvement operating systems such as EOS and aligns executive teams to drive growth and success.

An accomplished thought leader, Allan's insights have been featured in prominent media outlets. He completed his MBA at Stellenbosch University in 2015 and leads his alumni chapter in Dublin, where he is currently raising funds for critical skills development in South Africa through his 10,000-metre Great Peaks Challenge campaign.

Allan's unique blend of expertise, leadership, and commitment to creating operational value make him an ideal partner for companies looking to develop there operational processes as rigour.

Allan is based in Dublin, and works with customers across the EMEA region.

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